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Here at Page-Candy we’re all about sharing our bookish lifestyle and connecting with our fellow readers! We’ll be sharing lists of the books you simply can’t miss, keeping you posted on all the latest book news, and telling you all about the books we’re devouring like, well, candy!

About Krysti

Krysti Meyer learned how to read when she was two, and she’s never stopped. She is a book blogger, an active member of her local book community, and the co-founder of the coolest book club in the world, YA and Wine. On the rare occasion she isn’t doing something book-related, she’s probably binge watching rom-coms on Netflix, or playing board games with her family. She lives in Northern Utah with her husband and three mischievous pets. She dreams of one day being a contestant on Nailed It!

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About Kelli

“Bloom where you are planted” is one of my life’s mottos. I’m currently blooming in Northern Utah. Experienced mover and expert packer, I have lived in several states but hold California and the East Coast the closest in my giant ol’ heart. There you will also find quintessential old soul vibes and a deep love of books. As a child, I was usually found passed out with a book in close proximity (not much has changed). Today you will also find a cat in my general vicinity, coffee in one hand, and cross stitch in the other.

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