Unbeleafable Low Maintenance Houseplants to Fall in Love With

Plants are a great idea to have in your home! They are beautiful, add color, character, and truly contribute to the domicile by purifying the air and most importantly: creating oxygen! How COOL is that?? If the only thing stopping you from getting one of these green babies into your space is that you let that succulent die four years ago and gave up plants for good, try these! With a little plant knowledge, you’ll be equipped to care for and grow these to your wildest dream! We’re rooting for you, because, well, life succs without plants.

spider plant

Spider Plant

These thrive in bright, indirect light and well draining soil. Be careful not to overwater these friends, or they will get too soggy and die from root rot.
snake plant

Snake Plant

Placing this plant in indirect light, allowing the soil to dry between waterings, and being careful not to overwater in the colder months are the only things you need to do to keep this friend alive!


We know, you’ve tried these before, but they can thrive! These are desert plants, so they need LOTS of sunlight- we’re talking 6 hours a day! They also need well draining pots, and light watering. They also need different soil. Be sure to use a cactus soil or mix regular soil with pumice, perlite, or sand.
golden pothos

Golden Pothos

This plant will GROW and get leggy! This is best known as one of those cool hanging plants you’ve most likely seen. They thrive indoors with bright indirect light, well draining soil, and like to dry out between waterings.
lady planter

Other tips to consider

-If your plant is leaning too much to one side, try rotating it!
-Always try to wipe off the dust from your plants gently with a soft damp cloth, or a clean damp pant brush for those hard to reach spots.
– Make sure you have adequate sunlight spots in your house before bringing a light loving friend in to party with you! If needed, you can always get a grow light!

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