How to Run a Successful Book Club

Today marks the four-year anniversary of the YA and Wine Book Club! We have between 20-30 members who come to our meetings each month, and over 170 members online! Our book club meetings are engaging and exciting, and our members have become some of our very best friends.

It took a few failed attempts and years of trying for us to figure out the keys to creating and running a successful book club. So to celebrate our success, we wanted to share our secrets with all of you!

Top Tips for Running a Successful Book Club


Partner with a Local Independent Bookshop

I feel like this is the single greatest key to our success. In our previous book clubs, we’ve been able to get groups of friends together, but our friends weren’t quite as interested in books and book conversations as we were. Our meetings usually devolved into girls’ nights, which while always fun, weren’t exactly what we were going for. By reaching out to The King’s English Bookshop, partnering with them, and running our book club through their store, we were able to attract and grow a group of avid readers, who show up to every meeting ready and excited to spend an entire two hours discussing nothing but books!


Stay Connected Through a Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is a great way for us to stay connected. We check in with each other throughout the month, share book-related news, quizzes, and articles, and post votes for our upcoming reads! We’re also able to make sure everyone in our group is aware of any upcoming book events they might want to attend and even plan some non-book-related parties and events.


Let Everyone Vote on Book Picks

Whenever you have a big group of people reading books together, you’re going to have a variety of tastes and opinions. In order to keep everyone engaged in your reading list, it’s important that everyone feels like they have a say in the books you’re reading. We post votes in our Facebook group for the books we read each month!


Hang Out Outside of Book Club

If you want a group that feels more like a found family than just a book group like ours does, then it’s important to plan some activities that don’t revolve around books, so you can get to know each other and connect on a personal level. We’ve planned murder mystery dinners, road trips, holiday parties, and more!


Don’t Forget the Wine!

It’s intimidating for people to come into an established group and feel comfortable sharing their own opinions. Wine can help break the ice and make everyone feel at home. We ask for volunteers to bring wine each month on our Facebook group to make sure everyone is contributing. And, of course, if you’re going to have wine, drink responsibly and plan to have designated drivers.

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