Find Out My Secret For How I Read a Book Every Day

IMG_4799As most of you already know, I read a book a day! Which sound like a lot! But the truth is, I have a secret that helps me do it!

It’s simple! I have Siri read my ebooks to me! Between my full-timeIMG_4800 day job, part-time book seller gig, book club, bookstagram, book blog, family, and a household to run, I’m a reader on the go! I listen to a lot of audiobooks as well, but in order to stay on top of all my ARCs and library books, I need some backup! And luckily, Siri has me covered. This is also a great way for people with visual impairments to read all the books on their TBRs!

Here’s some simple steps to follow to get your own voice-over options set up!

Simple Steps to Make Siri Read Your Books to You


1. Go to settings.
2. Go to accessibility.
3. Go to spoken content.
4. Make sure your “Speak Selection” and “Speak Screen” options are turned on.
5. Go to voices to pick your Siri reading voice (the enhanced versions are the best).
6. Adjust speaking rate to your preference.
7. Open Kindle app and pull up your latest read.
8. Drag two fingers down from the top of your screen to start the reading!


And that’s it! Happy reading (or listening), friends!


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