Top Tips to Mother Yourself Today

What does it mean to “mother yourself”? The phrase may not seem familiar, but it’s essentially taking care of yourself. Mothering is not only from one’s own mother to their child. It’s the act of caring. Taking the time to be sure you are nurturing yourself in a way that a gentle mother would- being supportive, kind, protective, warm, and safe. Every person is capable of mothering themselves and it’s a great practice to make sure you’re growing in a healthy way.


1. Do things that are comforting to you.

Do you like taking an extra 30 minutes in bed on the weekends? Wrapping up in a cozy blanket with your favorite beverage and a book? Calling your bff? Putting on those soft and warm cat pajamas at night? Is the beach your favorite place (but don’t live near one) so you make it your screensaver? Little moments of comfort add up and can really add some positivity to your day!


2. Check in with yourself.

How are you feeling? Are you happy, sad, upset, confused, or maybe something else? Why? Letting yourself process that emotion and communicating with yourself is an essential tool for growth. Some ways to check in are: journaling your thoughts, going for a solitary walk, or just having some alone time set aside to self-converse.



3. Notice how you speak to yourself.

How does your inner dialogue go? Try to focus on being gentle with yourself. Congratulate yourself for the positive steps you take (big AND small!) and lift yourself up with encouragement and optimism.


4. Practice kindness and compassion.

This is more than just doing a good deed for others (which is also a wonderful practice). Life is hard, and we’re all doing the best we can. Releasing ourselves of judgement and genuinely listening to others are just two ways we can put these to use. Kindness and compassion towards yourself and others are vital ways to encompass yourself with a motherly love.


5. Nurture your body.

Get enough sleep, eat in a nourishing way, drink lots of water, put on moisturizing lotion, get exercise and listen to your body. You are worth the time it takes to care for yourself. Life is busy and at times chaotic, but taking care of yourself is important.

This weekend is focused on celebrating the marvelous mothers in our lives, but this is a little reminder that we should take care of ourselves too- your mom would approve!