Celebrate Real People Monday by switching to Libro.fm and get FOUR audiobooks for the price of one while supporting you fave local indie bookshop!


Happy Real People Monday! Celebrate by switching to Libro.fm today and get FOUR audiobooks (3 audiobook credits + CIRCE) for the price of ONE and support your favorite local independent bookstore and the real booksellers who work there! Sign up here!

The King’s English Bookshop has had a special place in my heart from the second I first walked into the store, and I’m so excited that I get to join their event staff in January!!!! AAAAHHHH!

I love that making the switch from Audible to #librofm gives me another way to support them. All my audiobook purchases go to the King’s English, and you can pick which independent bookshop your purchases support as well! If you’ve already made the switch to Libro.fm then today you can earn two free audiobooks for every friend you refer!

Don’t miss this incredible sale, and don’t forget whenever possible to shop local!

Do you listen to audiobooks? Are you going to make the switch and get free audiobooks today?


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