How to Request ARCs from Publishers

How to Request ARCs from Publishers

Let’s try this post again, shall we? Last week when I posted it, it went completely blank for some reason, but I really want to share with you all the email I send to publishers when I request ARCs as well as some tips and tricks on how to make sure you get approved when you submit your requests.

I’ve had several people reach out to me to ask for a copy of this email, so I thought I should post it here and share it with all of you! These photos are from a how-to I made for my book club a couple years ago, so the books are a little older. The process is still the same though.

Best of luck requesting and may the ARC odds be ever in your favor!

Tips and Tricks for Requesting ARCs

To request a physical ARC from a publisher, you want to focus on building your follower base first and foremost. Most publishers are looking for bloggers who have at least 500 followers across platforms (including your blog and social media) and have been blogging for at least six months.

Next, you want to keep a close eye on what books are releasing and when. You’ll want to submit your request for the ARC 3-6 months prior to the release date. I have an example of the email I send to publishers down below.

Before you send your request, you’ll need to figure out which publisher to send your request to. Goodreads is the best place to track new releases. If you google November 2019 YA Book Releases, for example, you can see that Goodreads breaks down the books month by month for the year, so you can keep track. You can also see on Goodreads which publishing house is publishing the book. On Goodread’s desktop site, that information is below the book description. If you’re using your phone, just swipe right on the book cover to get that information.

Image 7-15-19 at 5.27 PM (3).jpg

Know that there are a TON of imprints for the big publishers (Harper, Penguin, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, etc.) So sometimes you’ll need to figure out which publishing house the imprint belongs to. If you google “Greenwillow Publishing imprint of,” you can see that they are an imprint for Harper.

Image 7-15-19 at 5.27 PM (2).jpg

Once, you know which publishing house you’ll be contacting, you can find their contact information by googling the name of the publisher and review copies, for example, “HarperTeen Review Copies.”

If a specific publicist likes your blog and social media presence, they may start contacting you directly and add you to their mailing lists to receive copies of all of the books they represent.

Email Request for ARC Copies

Once I’ve figured out who to send the request to, this is a copy of the email I send. I hope this is helpful!

Good Morning,

I’m such a huge fan of Flux Books, and I would like to request a review copy of Across a Broken Shore by Amy Trueblood to review on my blog YA and Wine, where I have previously posted about Amy’s debut novel, Nothing But Sky.
I started my blog in November of 2016 and as of today, I currently have:
– 8,200 WordPress Followers
– 6,750 Twitter Followers
– 2,200 Instagram Followers 
– 250Facebook Followers / YA and Wine Facebook Group Members
– 250 Bloglovin Followers 
– 550 Goodreads Followers
– 110 YouTube Followers
This creates a total of 18,300 followers. 
I happily accept both electronic ARCs and physical ARCs. If you consider me for this opportunity, my kindle email address is My mailing address is below:
Krysti Meyer
Thank you for your consideration.

There you have it! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.


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