How to Conquer Yallwest and Have Fun Doing It


You guys!!! Yallwest is this weekend! I am so, so excited! Yallwest is my favorite event of every year. There are always so many amazing authors and book bloggers/readers there, and seeing everyone is my absolute favorite part. I hope I get to meet some of you this year!

There is so always so much awesomeness happening at Yallwest, it’s important to go in with a game plan, so you can hit all your top priority events. This is my third year going, and I had some experienced friends show me the ropes my first year, so I thought I’d share some of my tips and tricks to conquering this incredible book festival and having fun while doing it!

How to Conquer Yallwest and Have Fun While Doing It

  1. Go in with a crew! If you don’t know anyone going yet, don’t worry! We’re all introverted book nerds, and we’d all be happy to have you join our squads!
  2. Have your schedule prepared! Know which panels, signings, ARC drops you want to attend before you get there.
  3. Watch publisher’s Twitter accounts for their ARC drop schedules.
  4. Coordinate schedules with your squad! There is so much going on at once, you have to work together to help everyone get all the books signed/ARCs that you all want!
  5. Stay hydrated and take time to eat! There’s a lot of amazing stuff going on, so it’s easy to forget, but there will be food trucks there!
  6. Take business cards! You may want to pass books off to other people in line to get them signed for you, and they’ll need to be able to reach you afterward.
  7. If you plan on getting lots of books signed or coming home with lots of ARCs, take a book cart instead of a tote bag. It’ll get way too heavy to lug around all day. Plus decorating your cart is fun!
  8. Don’t be shy! The best part of the festival is meeting fellow book lovers and authors! I promise everyone there will be happy to talk books with you all day!
  9. Self care! Don’t forget that sunscreen. Also wear comfortable shoes, cause you’ll probably be on your feet a lot!
  10. Get there early to line up!
  11. Take time to go visit Santa Monica Pier! It’s beautiful and has such a fun, carnivalesque vibe.

Are you going to Yallwest this year? What advice would you give a first time attendee?


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  1. bookishinbed says:

    Yallwest is one of the festivals I’ve always wanted to go to. I just never really planned to go to it. It just sounds like such a fun time. If I ever do I will make sure to take these tips. I mean even for other festivals they are very helpful.

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