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Shoot the Moon

This week I am swooning over Shoot the Moon by Kate Watson! This is a companion novel to Watson’s 2017 debut novel, Seeking Mansfield, which happened to be one of my favorite YA contemporary novels of the year! Shoot the Moon more than lived up to any expectations I had after reading Seeking Mansfield, and I’m so excited to get to chat about it with you guys! This beauty is out next month, so be sure to check out my full review below and get those pre-orders on!

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Despite what his brother—and sponsor—thinks, nineteen year-old Tate Bertram isn’t an addict. He has the 30-day chip to prove it. But when his father learns Tate’s been running an illegal card room out of a friend’s dorm to pay off old gambling debts, Tate is cut off. With his family no longer talking to him, his aunt Nora offers him a chance to intern for her political campaign. Juggling school with the intense internship, Tate finds himself buying scratch-off lottery tickets to take the edge off.

Tate is surprised to find the beautiful and calculating Alex Wolf—his first crush and the girl who taught him how to gamble—volunteering with Nora’s campaign, too. Soon, Tate is more drawn to Alex than ever. Her mind games stick in his head, but her vulnerable, softer side gets into his heart. But as tensions rise along the campaign trail, Tate is forced to question whether he’s really addiction-free, after all.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS meets ROUNDERS in this high stakes tale of the cost of winning and the price of redemption.

My Review


Seeking Mansfield was one of my very favorite 2017 debut novels, and author Kate Watson has certainly cemented herself as one of my favorite contemporary authors with her sophomore novel Shoot the Moon.

This story is equal parts entertaining and moving and brought me to tears more than once! Following Tate Bertram on his journey through gambling addiction, love, and self discovery was such a lovely and heart-stinging experience. I can’t recommend this book highly enough to fans of YA and NA contemporary literature.

Tate is such a dynamic, fun, and lovable character. It was an absolute delight to get to experience the world through his eyes. Seeking Mansfield is a retelling of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, and Tate is Watson’s re-imagined version of Tom Bertram. I fell in love with Tate in Seeking Mansfield. I found him to be so much more likable than the character he was modeled after, and I’m so glad we really got to dive into his story in Shoot the Moon.

I loved the pacing of this story. It moves quickly while still giving plenty of detail and fully developing Tate’s character. There are also some great subplots going on throughout the story, and Watson did a brilliant job of tying it all together in the end.

There is a really sweet romance in Shoot the Moon, and Watson did such a brilliant job of weaving it throughout the story while not letting it overpower the plot. It was also so great to get to see Finley and Oliver (one of my OTPs!) again.

What struck me most about this story is Tate’s gambling addiction. The way in which the author described Tate’s emotions and the very physical withdrawal symptoms he experienced felt so genuine and was clearly very well researched. It added a sense of realness and gravity to the story that lingered with me long after I closed the book.

I was so entirely enchanted by these characters, and I’ve now been equally enchanted by both of Watson’s books. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and I truly cannot wait to see more from this author in the future!

About the Author


Kate Watson is a young adult writer, wife, mother of two, and the tenth of thirteen children. Originally from Canada, she attended college in the States and holds a BA in Philosophy from Brigham Young University. A lover of travel, speaking in accents, and experiencing new cultures, she has studied in Israel and lived in Brazil, the American South, and now calls Arizona home.

Her first novel, SEEKING MANSFIELD, debuts in Spring 2017, with the companion novel to follow in 2018. She is also a contributor to Eric Smith’s Welcome Home adoption anthology coming in 2017.

What were some of your favorite debut novels of 2017? Do you have any favorite Jane Austen retellings?

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11 thoughts on “Book Love! SHOOT THE MOON by Kate Watson

  1. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    Confession: The only Austen I have read is Pride and Prejudice! I remember reading your review for Seeking Mansfield and calling myself out there too– it looks like I’ll need to pick up some classics soon!

    This book sounds fascinating. The summary says, “Great Expectations meets The Rounders”. You’re a Dickens lover; does this book also take on a retelling of Great Expectations? Also, is this a direct sequel? Do I need to read book 1 to appreciate this? It’s unclear from this review…

    • KrystiYAandWine says:

      Hi Jackie!!! I hope you’re doing well! I’ve been totally slacking on my classics the past couple years, so definitely no judgement here!

      There are definitely some Great Expectations elements in this story, so I can see that comparison. I’d say this is really more of a companion novel than a sequel. You don’t need to have read the first to enjoy this one.

      • Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

        I find it challenging to be inspired to read Classics if I am reading them in a void. If there are others reading them with me, I am pro-classic! I need to talk through a lot of things to connect the dots. Perhaps someday I’ll read all of Austen, though– I love Pride and Prejudice.

        I like series books which are companion novels. Like Stephanie Perkins’ Anna and the French Kiss. It’s nice to pick up a book in any order and not miss a beat. Particularly when you’re addicted to the library, like me!

      • KrystiYAandWine says:

        I totally understand that. I definitely have to be in the right mood for them.

        I agree about companion novels. It’s almost more fun to have a shared universe than a series sometimes. ☺️ Also Anna and the French Kiss is one of my favs! 💕

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