A Very, Very Bad Thing by Jeffery Self is out at the end of this month. Find out why you need to add this book to your TBR below and check out my wine pairing!

About the Book-9

34338033Title: A Very, Very Bad Thing

Author: Jeffery Self

Pub. Date: October 31, 2017

Publisher: Push

Pages: 256

From the author of Drag Teen, a startling novel about the complexities of identity — and of truth.

Marley doesn’t just want to be labeled The Gay Kid, but he doesn’t have much else going on. He doesn’t have any hobbies. Or interests. He’s the only kid he knows without a passion . . . until Christopher comes to town. He’s smart, cute, gay, and . . . the son of the country’s most famous, most bigoted television evangelist.

Marley and Christopher immediately spark — and become inseparable. For a month, it’s heaven. Then Christopher’s parents send him to a Pray Away the Gay program, which leads to even worse things. Hurt and outraged, Marley tells a very big lie — and then has to navigate its repercussions.


Wine Pairing

I paired this emotionally gripping contemporary novel, which is all about self discovery with this Compass Point Chardonnay. Like the novel, this wine is full of intensity and rich detail, and the flavor will linger with you long after you finish the glass.

*All wine recommendations are for those of legal drinking age only.*

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    • KrystiYAandWine says:

      Hahaha. Thank you! That makes me feel better, because to be totally honest, I haven’t been able to drink wine in MONTHS, because of a lame medication I’ve been taking. So I’m basically just using Google to learn about the wine at this point and wasn’t sure if I was pulling it off. LOL.

      • KrystiYAandWine says:

        Hahaha! I know, right?! How lame is that. I actually haven’t been able to drink any wine in like six months. It’s been rough! Especially since I have a YA and WINE blog. LOL. I’m a total fraud. 🙂

      • bookprincessreviews says:

        Ahahahaha oh no! XD It’s just sadly ironic. But you’re like a really nice and well done fraud? No, no, but I imagine it would be really rough with trying to keep the two things going without having the taste.

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