Why is it Only Literary Cool to Read About Characters Your Own Age and Older?


9 thoughts on “Why is it Only Literary Cool to Read About Characters Your Own Age and Older?

  1. Mandy says:

    You made some fantastic points! 🙂 Sorry for judgmental wine sellers. 🙁 But you definitely imparted some great wisdom from that experience!

  2. judiththereader says:

    As a teenager (maybe 13 or 14) , I used to like YA fiction. Of course I did; I was part of authors’ target audience so they included things I would like. Now however, as a university student (so not that much older really), I think they’re quite repetitive in characters, themes or plots because the demand for YA has grown. I think it’s turned more into a money-making scheme, to churn our same-old YA books with minor differences and advertise them as completely new and original works of fiction – which they’re not. I’ve got nothing against anyone – young or old – who still reads and enjoys YA fiction; it’s just not my cup of tea anymore 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this experience though; I found it really interesting to read!

    • YAandWine says:

      Thanks for your comment! I read pretty widely, so all genres of YA and all genres of books with adult protagonists as well, and while I’m seeing a lot of different themes, I am also seeing a lot of the same themes across the board. I really feel like common themes at any given time in literature is a reflection of where we are as a society, just like how when you read Classic novels from the same time period, you see a lot of the same themes there as well. I also feel like the plot structures and characters depend on how widely you’re reading YA. A lot of the ones that have recently been turned into blockbuster movies are very similar, but they’re also an extremely small percentage of what exists in YA literature. I also studied literature in college and learned a lot about the seven basic plot structures that exist and how every book you read is just a take on/combination of those. The more you study that the more you see it in all genres as well. Not saying you should read YA if it isn’t your thing. That’s totally fine! But I definitely feel like YA is not a money-making scheme, nor do I feel like their all the same story. It truly just depends on what you read.

  3. Reg @ She Latitude says:

    I love this post! I definitely have noticed the same kind of… hmm, judgment for adults who read YA. I never really understood this, but I imagine you’re right – it’s all bc of the assumption that YA is for teens… while in reality, I think anyone who likes YA should read YA no matter their age. Having spoken to tons of publishers, too, I feel like nowadays they’re realising that YA readers aren’t only teens and have started catering to the older YA audience.

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