Wayfarer Sneak Peek

If You Aren’t Already Excited Enough for Wayfarer, check out the Sneak Peek on NetGalley!

January 3rd feels like a lifetime away right now with Wayfarer and Windwitch both coming out that day, but luckily NetGalley had you covered with sneak peeks for both books, each of which are several chapters long.

In these beginning chapters we reunite withNicholas and Etta, who have been separated by distance and time but are both working to accomplish the same two goals: find one another and destroy the astrolabe.

It’s so much diving back into this beautifully developed cast of characters, getting to meet new ones, and reading through the POV of some who were, well, maybe not our favorites in Passenger. Clearly Alexandra Bracken has come to know these characters even better over the past year. They are each fascinating and flawed in their own ways and it’s truly a pleasure to read their stories.

There are also some fascinating new time periods and places that we get to explore, even in just these first chapters. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the book has in store for us!


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